Mask Selection, Fitting & Use

Push back your hair and place the mask on your face without securing straps. Breathe in partially through your nose. If the mask clings to your face, without any leaks, it is a good fit.

Adjust the strap so the mask fits comfortably. Do not pull the strap too tight, as this will be uncomfortable and possibly increase the chance of leakage. Minimise fogging by spraying de-fog into mask, rubbing it around, and rinsing with ocean water before putting the mask on. Be careful not to get sunscreen in the mask, this will increase fogging.
Place the mask strap high on the crown of your head, not low on the neck.

Do not breathe through your nose while snorkelling- only breathe through the snorkel. To clear water from the mask, raise your head out of the water (be careful not to stand on coral while doing this), lifting the bottom edge of the mask, and blowing out through your nose to drain.

Snorkel Fitting & Use

Snorkels should be located on the side of the head, with the mouthpiece comfortably placed in the mouth. Lugs should be grasped between your teeth but do not bite down so hard that the lugs are chewed off. When snorkelling, angle your head at a 45 degree angle, do not look under, or too far forward – this will put the end of the snorkel underwater and allow water to be sucked in.
Snorkels can be cleared two ways:

With the head in the water by blowing the water out of the snorkel with a burst of air.
By lifting the head out of the water, taking the snorkel out of the mouth, and tilting it to drain the water.

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